Consulting Services and Technologies for Project Success

At DEMS, we specialize in providing consulting services and digital transformation technologies. We deliver comprehensive solutions tailored to the needs of the residential, commercial, transportation, and industrial sectors through our three business units: Engineering Solutions, Technology Solutions (Digitalization), and Portfolio Management Office (PMO) Solutions.


Maximizing Success for Global Clients

Our global presence enables us to serve clients worldwide. With our engineering, digitalization, and portfolio management expertise, we empower clients to achieve their goals efficiently and effectively.

Seamless Integration, Streamlined Results

From initial planning to final execution, we optimize processes, enhance productivity, and drive success. Partner with DEMS to transform your projects with our professional services, consulting, and digital solutions.

Trusted Advisors for Your Projects

Specializing in small-to-mid-sized capital projects, DEMS offers guidance and supervision for EPCI contracts across the industrial, residential building, commercial building, and transportation infrastructures. We prioritize exceptional outcomes, compliance, and the integration of digital technologies. Contact us to unlock your project’s full potential and achieve remarkable success.