Comprehensive Project and Program Management Services

DEMS provides portfolio of project and program management services that exceed traditional governance and compliance. We focus on achieving excellent results and ensuring project success by leveraging new technologies and developing strategies that create client value. Our PMO services align projects with business strategies, delivering critical organizational outcomes.

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Training Services

DEMS provides tailored training services for the energy, chemical, power, infrastructure, IT, and software industries. Our training programs cover strategy development, decision analysis, renewable energy and low carbon solutions capital project evaluation and development, operations process re-engineering, technology commercilaization, adoption and deployment, portfolio management, and digital strategy implementation.

Recruitment and Staffing Services

At DEMS, we specialize in sourcing and selecting top talent for project and program management roles. We also ensure that organizations have access to qualified professionals who can drive projects to success.

Program Management Consulting Services

Our company offers program management consulting services that deliver strategic value and drive significant change. We align projects effectively with strategic business values  by working closely with the C-suite. Our services include ESG investment decision support, portfolio analysis, modeling and analytics, change management, governance, business transformation, regulatory compliance, and reporting.

Disaster Restoration Management Services

In times of disaster, organizations can rely on DEMS for restoration management services. We understand the urgency and complexity of restoring operations. We assist in planning, coordinating, and executing restoration efforts, projects and programs  for a swift and efficient recovery.

Project Assurance Services

DEMS ensures project success by providing independent oversight and guidance. Contact DEMS today to leverage our expertises and drive your organization forward.